I Jens Garcia, the founder of Tech4Geeks and content creator on our YouTube channel (tech4all1). Technology was not really something that I would focus on all the time back in the day as cooking is what I wanted to do. I have worked at different restaurants including Hux @ Nortons and Rockpool Bar and Grill (Sydney). And, as much as I enjoyed being able to cook for everyone, deep inside me, cooking was not the right one for me. So, instead that, I gave up on that dream and focused more on technology. I attended TAFE and studied Information Technology: Networking, to help me get started into this industry. I still am a full time student doing Diploma and along with that I am also currently undertaking Cisco certifications.

I have been to different press events including Samsung, LG, HTC, Intel and Dell/Alienware just to name a few, and reviewed different gadgets from mobile technology to home and entertainment. This website will be for everyone who enjoys and have the passion for technology.

Thank You.