The ASUS GX700- Insanely good or just insane?

asus-gx700-6-2-640x640Asus unveiled quite a lot of interesting stuff at IFA this year, but the one product that definitely caught everyone’s eye is this one. The GX700 gaming laptop. The world’s first 17″ gaming laptop with Water cooling.

Now you might ask (Even I did, when I first saw this) “A laptop with WATER COOLING? HOW? JUST HOW?”. Well, you see that bulky attachment over there? That contains a radiator, reservoir and the pump. You can do some serious overclocking with the K-series skylake processor Asus has put in there (K-series skylake processors come unlocked, and can be overclocked pretty easily), and get little to no heating issues whatsoever. Asus is yet to announce the exact GPU, but it’s an Nvidia GEForce.

Obviously, it’s bulkier than other gaming laptops, considering the water cooling and all, but you’ll be able to squeeze way more performance out of this than, say, an Alienware with the same specs. The laptop can be used without an attachment though, which is a boon to students who just want to type and browse with it in school/college.

When you’re doing serious overclocking, especially in the tight confines of a laptop body,¬†pushing air over your components using fans just doesn’t cut it. Water cooling systems run tubes of cold water through your PC, taking heat away. Water cooling is quieter and more effective, but you’ll be paying more for it.

We’ll be updating this article when we get more info about the laptop itself, but in the meantime, check out The Verge’s hands on video.

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