HTC One (M8) is Here

HTC One M8


YES! The HTC One (M8) is here! Since last years announcement of the HTC One many have been waiting and curious about what HTC could do to raise the bar with the follow up to what is called the ‘Best phone of the year’. The HTC One of 2013 had many design features that made it stand out and earn a place at the top of handsets. It’s premium metal construction was a huge advantage to the competition, but also had some plastic pieces that many were hoping to be approved upon in the new design.

With some leading edge innovative features included in the HTC One, the follow up device would have to step to much higher anticipated goals to keep the forward movement needed for HTC in the sales department. The new HTC One (M8) has stepped higher and brought a very high quality device to satisfy the highest critique.

The Design

The first look will relieve your anxious bones and satisfy your thirst for a beautifully crafted device. The HTC One is completely redesigned to have a 5 inch 1920 x 1080p 441 ppi screen compared to the 4.7 inch 1920 x 1080p 468 ppi screen of the HTC One M7. The size brings it along side many competitors devices and has the image quality to stand out as a leader. The screen tapers to thinner edges with softer curves to make the design feel smoother in the hand. Gone are the sharp edges, bringing a smooth small feel to the device. It now measures 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35mm (5.76 x 2.78 x 0.37 inches) and weighs 160 grams (5.64 ounces) making it bigger and heavier than the competition. Even though the device is bigger, I felt like it was smaller and lighter due to the nice form.

HTC Sense is also in the new HTC One and updated to version 6 which HTC likes to call the Sixth Sense (they sure do). It now features customisable themes and colors. The HTC One will also be available in a Google Play edition which can be pre-ordered now and will soon be available on Google Play.

One of the first design changes is the addition of a second camera on the back. This dual camera design captures depth imaging so that the pictures can be edited later for depth focus adjustments. This is done at the hardware level, not in software as other manufacturers have done. HTC has added some new effects called UFocus, Foregrounder and Dimension Plus. Ufocus allows you to change the perspective of the focus, Foregrounder allows you to change the subject or background for special effects. Dimension Plus allows you to view the photos from different angles by tilting the device. The auto focus operates at 300mseconds for fast focus. The flash adjusts to the light for better tone adjustments. They also added an integrated slow motion mode to edit the video and highlight even a part for slow motion effects. Zoe is going to change to a cloud based service which will also allow for friends to add pictures.


HTC has added gesture control for simpler control. The device may be answered simply by placing the phone to your ear. The phone may be turned on by a double tap or simple swipe to activate device.

HTC One Dot Case

HTC Dot Case

This case was designed to allow you to see weather and other notifications without opening the front cover. It uses a simple dot matrix design to show the notifications for a retro look. A really cool effect I must say. I did like this a lot.

The battery has been increased in size  by 300 mAh to 2600 mAh. HTC says they have improved the battery life by 40%. Others have already stated that they have been getting much better life out of the battery than the previous HTC One. The addition of extreme power saving mode allows for calls, texts, and emails to still be received while delivering 60 hours at 20%, 30 hours at 10%, and 15 hours at 5% power allowing for those late nights or hard to charge locations.

Additional Features

Boomsound has been improved to bring 25% more loudness with a new amplifier and speaker chamber. HTC Blinkfeed is more intuitive with continuous scrolling for fluid browsing, a new layout for a better viewer experience. The Fitbit app is preloaded for better fitness experience. Workout without your phone and then the information is available in Blinkfeed. HTC Sense TV has been designed to bring a second interactive screen to you while viewing your favorite shows. Includes Facebook and Twitter feeds for integrated social interaction. Sense TV also integrates live sport statistics for the 10 most popular sports in the world. Bring the latest score to the phone while viewing another game on tv.

I’m sure you will agree, the new HTC One is a great design with some great features to set itself apart from the crowded mobile market. I know I will be ready to replace my HTC One as soon as it is available on T-Mobile.



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