Anker Bluetooth 4.0 Headset: Review!

A bluetooth headset it pretty much a standard these days, what with everyone driving and talking . Sure, some cars have built in BT Systems , but some of us aren’t so lucky. That’s where the Anker Bluetooth 4.0 headset comes in. I’d like to thank Anker for sending us this wonderful product to review.

The headset comes packaged inside a pretty standard box, the contents being 1 charging dock, 3 extra eartips (1x small, 2x large) , 1 micro-USB Cable, 2 clips for attaching the dock to your car’s dashboard (1x AC vent clip and one with 3M backing), and of course, the headset itself.  In my case, it took around 6 days to get delivered, but that’s because I live in India where they have no warehouse.

Pairing it with your device is quite easy, turn your phone’s bluetooth on, and press and hold the call button on the headset (while it is off) for about 7 seconds. Once it is paired, the blue light will start flashing. Out of all the accessories which were provided to me, I found the charging dock to be most useful. I could just dock the headset into it when I wasn’t on a call and the headset would automatically go into sleep mode. When I got a call, all I had to do was undock the headset, and by the time I put it into my ear, It would have automatically reconnected to the phone and answered the call for me. That was a really cool feature, which I could not find even on Bose bluetooth headsets.

The Anker Bluetooth 4.0 Headset comes with Bluetooth 4.0 (Duh), and hence has higher quality audio compared to previous bluetooth versions. Speaking of sound, The call clarity on this was exceptional! It was crisp, and background noise was reduced slightly. The microphone is really good too. But this being a mono headset, cannot practically be used for Music. However, It has good bass, and my ears were ringing for about an hour after I pumped it up to full volume(a bad idea). You can control the volume on the headset itself, as it has an in-built volume rocker.

Lets move on to battery life now. A headset has to last you through your commute to the office and back, right? Well, this Anker headset will do that and more. Anker advertises a 5 Hour battery life, but I was able to pull around 6-6 and a half hours of calls and music. This is the first time a device of mine has outlasted the battery life stated in the specs. I was really impressed by the battery inside this puppy.

Now, All products have a couple of Negatives too. In this case, It was the Build. Not the quality, per say, but the choice of materials. The headset has a glossy black plastic finish, which I found to be a fingerprint magnet. It also attracts a lot of scratches. This is the only downside I could find, in an otherwise perfect product.

Overall, I would give this Headset a perfect 5/5. What with the amazing sound quality, an array of accessories and the unbeatable price, you just can’t go wrong with this product.

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